Why is online education important

Online education

Online education is very important nowadays because of COVID-19. In this lockdown when there is all schools, colleges, markets, industries are closed online education helps students too much. It helps students and teachers a lot to set their own learning pace and provides flexibility to learn and utilize their important time. Online education is also termed E-learning. In 2020 due to the global pandemic shut the lockdowns changed our lives. Workplaces are empty, the business shifted, people stay indoors. The other thing that is rapidly changed is higher educations. Universities close doors and began having lectures and exams online. As for students well sometimes distance learning struggle. 

Basically, online education is the study wherever you want so you can easily do it from home, at the local cafeteria, and doing a trip with parents. Also, the internet is a very important factor for E-learning. You can study wherever their internet connection.  Moreover, you can save a huge amount of money because there is no mobility cost. Online programs are cheaper than the ones you need to attempt physically. The other benefit of E-learning is that you can plan according to your personnel schedule. You can easily decide what is more effective for you. Also, you can develop time management skills.

Furthermore, with regular modes, your study time is strictly scheduled. While distance learning also allows you to do work part-time or follows your other hobbies. The freedom is yours in this lockdown period. The new generation is enjoying simplicity, flexibility, and who are very tech-oriented. As we try to stay on top we need to remember that never stop learning. You can also explore the distance learning portal. It is the perfect time to embrace your natural talent. Do work at your own convenience.

Online learning for kids

Our grandparents are used to listen to the radio for gaining some news. Similarly, our parents watch television from 40 -50 years to learn or gain some knowledge. In some ways, these are also termed E-learning. E-learning is the education that you learn from the electric device. For example, mobile, television, laptops, iPad, tablets, or even radio. Advances in technology now allow students to study entirely online while socializing with classmates, watching lessons, and participating in discussions on specific topics. While some see online learning as requiring a higher degree of self-motivation, institutions recognize that instructional support is just as important as teacher feedback and ensure their students receive the same level of support. than on campus.

In my opinion, bullying is not good, but cyberbullying is perfectly fine. As a student, I highly recommend online education. It allows the teacher to teach more effectively in an online course than in a physical one. By using online materials, the teacher can teach in a more quality way. I also recommend taking digital notes whenever possible because students like me have a lot of problems taking notes on paper, but if we take digital notes it will be easier.

For kids, online education is more important because nowadays kinks are at home. Online education is not for everyone. Personally, I started studying only after graduating from all kinds of educational institutions: school, university, Bible college. For a while, I thought homeschooling was the best thing for everyone to get a quality education. However, at one point I realized that there were people who had completely different traits from me. I understand someone who was threatened and couldn’t do anything. But online education is not possible for her. She just can’t concentrate on her chores around the house. She needs tests. Moreover, She needs teachers to monitor her performance. It must be motivated by the element of competition.

Why is online education important?

However, if it is possible for anyone to study at home and not spend their time on unnecessary things like Netflix, video games, and chatting all night long, I would recommend studying at home. This is especially true if you cannot be sociable even with great efforts. The need for socialization can be met by joining a club where you will meet like-minded people.

For the student, what does effective really mean? A subject at a relevant cognitive load level based on its complexity which is fixed, regardless of the teaching format. If the student tries to learn something with the minimum of wasted effort or expense, online learning removes the inefficiencies of travel time. While going to class involves a thirty-minute commute each way, staying home and learning online saves time.

Studies warn that online learning can be as robust as in traditional classrooms. But, for this to happen, the learning experience must be well designed, and the quality of that design directly attracts efficiency. The effectiveness of the implementation varies depending on the nature of the material learned and the level of learning required. Bloom’s taxonomy defines learning levels.

Online education Advantages & Disadvantages


  1. Students learn their subjects at home.
  2. It is cheaper than physical learning.
  3. It provides convenience in this lockdown period.
  4. Students have much time to learn and for other activities.
  5. Those students who want to do part-time work are able to do it.
  6. The other important benefit is to plan according to your personnel schedule.
  7. E-learning provides you a huge benefit to stay at home and learn all the things you do at your institute.
  8. The other advantage is that you can attempt your lecture wherever you are.


  1. All students don’t have devices to attend online classes.
  2. Everyone doesn’t have a good internet connection.
  3. Internet problem is a very big issue faced by students.
  4. Lack of internet connection can reduce their attendnce.
  5. In my thoughts, you can learn more in physical classes.
  6. Because at home children’s are not serious with their educations.
  7. They are attending classes while sleeping or playing. This is a huge drawback.
  8. Apart from this E-learning is also harmful to children’s health.
  9. Maybe by using a lot of devices kids face eye disease, mental diseases, and other physical problems.

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