Whatsapp and its features {Latest}



Whatsapp the most used and convenient social platform for conveying messages to your friends and family. It is the most used app worldwide because it’s easy to use and understand. Everyone can easily understand its features and use them for their needs. It has multiple unique features that make it unique from other social media apps. It is used by children, students, adults, and even for business purposes.

Instant messaging is the most popular ways of communicating people nowadays It can be more convenient than emails or phone calls, Especially when you only need to say few words. One popular app a lot of people use for instant messaging is called whatsapp. Basically, whatsapp is a communication app that you need to install in your smartphone. You can use it to send and receive messages, pictures, videos, GIF and also for making voice and video calls. This will save your credit and taxes. It is free to download, you can easily sgn up by using your phone number and use. Also, it is very safe as long as you download to talk to strangers and use for negative purpose.

It is uses internet connection to send messages to your family, friends and etc. If your device is connected to Wi-Fi network the WhatsApp doesn’t use your mobile data.

Features Of Whatsapp:

  1. It is easy to use and understand.
  2. Easy to download and convenient for every one.
  3. You can send and receives messages to your friends and family.
  4. You can also send images, videos, GIF and make audio and video calls.
  5. You can import contacts from devices address book.
  6. Whatsapp can automatically detect which people in your contact have their hatsapp.
  7. You can also record audio or video fro sending to your people.
  8. Use the whatsapp group chats features to send messages up to 100 people at once.
  9. You can use these whatsapp groups for your business purposes well.
  10. Use Whatsapp search feature to easily find specific message whatever you are looking for.
  11. You can also search by using keyword, someone contact name, or the contacts phone number.
  12. The most important feature of whatsapp is backup.
  13. You can save your history, chats, pictures and everything by save your data on selective google drive account.
  14. You can set your backup time according to your convenience.

Other Unique Features:

  1. It has backup option of daily, weekly, or monthly as well.
  2. You can restore your data in case you can change your phone.
  3. You can restore all your data from the specific google drive account.
  4. There is another option of Whatsapp status, by using this you can upload status that is for 24 hours.
  5. Whatsapp web is the most convenient feature, by using this feature you can use your whatsapp on laptop, or PC by scanning your code.
  6. There is also option of new broadcast.
  7. Moreover, archive message option is also available, if you wont show your latest chat to someone you can archive it by this it will not appears at top.
  8. Starred message is the other unique feature of whatsapp by using this you easily check starred messages.
  9. Theme options are also present. There are 2 themes present dark and night mode.
  10. Wallpaper is other beneficial feature, you can set wallpaper of your whatsapp background.
  11. Further , it is present in multiple languages you can set your language according to your desire.
  12. Two step verification is also present,by using this you can secure your account.
  13. If you want to change your number with same whatsapp data whatsapp will provide you the option f change number.
  14. Further, you can manage storage and network usage according to you.
  15. Whatsapp group voice and video call is the most beneficial feature for students and friends.

How to create whatsapp account?

  1. Simply download this app on your smart phone.
  2. Activate Whatsapp by adding your phone number.
  3. After adding phone number whatsapp will send you verification code.
  4. Verify yourself.
  5. Add your name, and profile photo.
  6. Now use and enjoy it.

How to restore your whatsapp backup?

  1. If you have to change your phone before change your whatsapp very important is to create backup of your all data.
  2. Backup your data it will take few minutes.
  3. After that create new whatsapp on your new phone.
  4. verify your number, then add name and profile photo.
  5. Now, it will automatically gives you an option of restore your data.
  6. Never did a mistake to skip this step.
  7. It is very important to restore asap from specifies google drive account.
  8. Now you have your all data.


In conclusion, whatsapp is the most convenient, amazing and easy to use message conveying application. It has hundred of amazing features that is explained above. Some people faced problem to creating account and some have few questions regarding their backup data. I tried my best to explain each and everything thing in easiest way.

I hope you like and enjoy my article!!!

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