What are Youtube And Its Features

Youtube And Its Features

Youtube is the most used and entertaining social media application that is used for many purposes. Nowadays youtube is very popular with our young generation and children. It is very beneficial for children, students, teachers, parents, gamers, roasters, bloggers, and even for entertainment purposes. Apart from these, it is also used as earning platform for YouTubers. You can easily create content and upload it on youtube and earn money. It is very beneficial and thousands of advantages. As it is one of the biggest social media platforms on earth.

Youtube is one of the biggest platforms on the earth. The name of youtube is very straightforward you represent the user-generated content and tube is the older term for television. This million-dollar company has billion of users and thousands of hours of video content uploaded every few minutes. Billions of videos are watched every single day. It is used to create an online site for people to create videos about themselves. Youtube also allows earning money by upload videos and making channels from ad revenue sharing.

What is youtube and how does it work?

Youtube has a five-star rating system by which you can describe the content as good or bad. You can also upload short videos and easily share them with peoples. There are billions of people who can use youtube and it is a very good communicator system all over the world. You can easily share your video with anyone in the world by uploading it on youtube. It has various features of subscribing, like, comment, share, and much more by using these you can communicate with your favorite Youtuber. It is the fastest-growing social media application.

There is also the new feature of the quality of the video. You can set the quality according to your desires. there are Auto and HD high-quality video features that will provide you the highest quality video. There is another unique feature of youtube is you can also connect it with the television. It is the most beneficial for those who want to see the content on the big screen.

Features Of Youtube:

  1. It is the most useful social media around the world.
  2. It has a like, comment, share,  subscribe option at the bottom of the video.
  3. Also, it has the bell icon by clicking on this icon you can get the update of newly come videos.
  4. It also has subscribed button by which you can get notifications of your favorite channel.
  5. Moreover, You can also see your videos on full screen by using its full-screen feature.
  6. It also provides the option to see on the big screen by watching your favorite videos on television.
  7. There is another option of auto-play by clicking on this next videos are continued.
  8. Cinema mode is also present on the video that is very beneficial for users.
  9. If you are using it as a content creator you can also use the I-button by which you can provide the links to previous videos.
  10. You can also use it on android, PC, Mac, and so on.
  11. There is also a dark mode option present in the appearance of the youtube application.
  12. Youtube incognito mode is also present that provides your safe search history.
  13. You can also set a limit on your youtube that it doesn’t use any mobile data by using this you can save your data.
  14. Further, you can also create any youtube into GIF images (according to your need).
  15. Moreover, you can also skip the part of the video by double click on the right side and go back by double click on the left side.
  16. Also, you can customize the skip time from 5 sec to 60 sec. (Set according to your need by default is 10 sec).
  17. Further, you can also monitor the time of the youtube used. You can set it or scheduled according to your need.
  18. There is another good feature of youtube is picture-in-picture that is also very beneficial. By using this you can use youtube in a small box after closing the app.
  19. Additionally, you can also remove unwanted videos. For example, the videos coming to the recommendation but you don’t like it don’t want to watch it you can easily remove it by using its a unique feature.
  20. The most useful feature is a pause watch and search history. If you want to see such a thing that you don’t want to come in search history you can easily use this feature.
  21. Further, You can also save and download your favorite videos on your channel.
  22. The most important is that you can also report any content that is spam or abuse.
  23. You can report it genuinely the youtube automatically removes it.

Advantages Of Youtube:

  1. It is very beneficial for students for their queries.
  2. Students use this platform as a classroom and easily learn their topics.
  3. Also, beneficial for housewives who can create content and upload it on youtube.
  4. Apart from these, they can also learn short DIYs and art crafts for their daily life routine.
  5. Moreover, there are thousands of cooking channels present on youtube that are very beneficial for girls to learn how to cook.
  6. Multiple gaming videos are present which are watched by children.
  7. Children also learn and enjoy youtube by watching their favorite poems.
  8. Thousands of roasters present can entertain viewers with their jokes.
  9. Music is everyone’s favorite from adults to children they use youtube for their favorite music.
  10. Apart from entertainment and education it also serves as a great earning platform.
  11. Youtubers nowadays earn millions or billions by creating amazing content.

Disadvantages of Youtube:

Where there are thousands of advantages there are some disadvantages of everything. When we are talking about youtube children nowadays use this platform a lot. In the covid season when schools and colleges are closed the only activity children have the mobile phones. In this, they are continuously using youtube and watching movies and series all the time. There is no physical activity of the children by which they can get a lot of mental diseases.

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