What are backlinks and how do they work

What are backlinks and how do they work

Backlinks are links to the page from one website to another website from the receiving ends backlinks are referred to as incoming links or inbound links and from the linking site, they are called external links, outgoing links, or outbound links.

Why backlinks are important?

Backlink help google and other search engine determine which page should rank the highest for a given query.
Backlinks can send you visitors through referral traffic. Backlinks can help search engines discover your pages faster.

Now the easiest way to conceptualize backlinks is to think of them as votes when a page receives a backlink it’s essentially the other website voting for the content on the page and the more votes you get from incredible sources the higher the trust, but not all backlinks are created equal and the basic level two things separate good quality backlinks.

How to create high-quality backlinks?

To create high-quality backlinks the most important things are topical relevancy and authority of backlinks.

Topical Relevance:

Topical relevance means the backlinks you get from the same category or niche of your blog give you more authority.
For example, Your blog is about education and you have 2 backlinks one is from the tech blog and the other from the education blog. The education blog gives you more benefits than another one.

Authority of backlink:

Referring to the quality and quantity of the backlinks from the referring website and pages. For example, a blog has 3 backlinks and these backlinks are from the domain rating of more than 80 and the other blog have 50 backlinks and all of them have domain rating less 30 than the blog which has 3 backlinks are stronger than another one.

High-Quality Backlinks Free

Backlinks are the most important thing to rank your website on the google search engine. Without backlinks, your website is unable to rank and compete with your competitor. There are multiple techniques to create backlinks manually and by using the tool. You can also create a comment backlink. Nowadays comment backlinks are not working because of spam. The most preferable technique to create a backlink is by using or purchasing some tool. The other important thing is the blog giving you backlinks it means this blog gives your website authority and sends their visitors to your blog. Moreover, there are other two types of backlinks no follow or do follow no follow means you are commenting on someone’s blog, or do- follow means someone gives you a link in their content. Do-follow backlinks are more powerful than no-follow backlinks.

The link chain is also important to factor to rank your website. link chain means the website gives you a backlink also has backlinks from the other side and so on. It is important to create a link chain to keep your blog rank on the google search engine top pages. Further, a link chain provides your website more traffic and authority.

The authentic backlink provides you authentic traffic. For example, your website niche is education and you get backlinks from a food blog. The people who visit food blogs have no interest in education. If you get backlinks from the education blog the visitor who visit on education blog also come to your website to see what’s you have in it. It is known as relevancy. Relevancy is the most important factor to rank your blog on top pages and to enhance your authentic traffic.

What are backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks have the most important role in Search engine optimization. Google prefers more your blog if you have high-quality backlinks. High-quality backlinks are the most important factor to rank on top pages in search engines. You can easily create high-quality backlinks. This means you can get your backlinks from the blog that has the highest DA (domain authority) and PA (Page authority). The blog which has the highest DA and PA gives you more backlinks than your website easily gets rank on top pages. On the other hand, you can also create some no-follow backlinks these are also important but a little bit.

Further, apart from backlinks content of your blog is also important to rank on top pages. You can easily rank if your blog has unique and authentic content. Their thousands of directories present that give you high-quality backlinks and you can also create by purchasing some tools. These are also very good to create high-quality backlinks.

Broken Link

It is referred to as you can create a backlink from someone’s blog and this blog is deleted or page is deleted and the blog is no longer exists. This type of link is called a broken link. A broken link can badly impact your blog or maybe your blog position on search engines is decreased. So to void broken links you have to check continuously that there is any backlink you create before it exists or not. Further, you have to be very careful about your backlinks are not convert into broken links.


In conclusion, backlinks are the most important thing to rank your webpage on the search engine top pages. Without these, your blog position decreasing day by day and your website come down. You have to create high-quality backlinks from the high DA and high PA domains. If your blog has More backlinks and all of them have low DA and PA your blog position is not strong, If you have fewer backlinks and all of them have high DA and high PA your blog is more strong and easily gets rank on the search engine. Further, the other thing we learn from this article is that we have to create the relevancy of the backlinks. This means you create the backlink from the same niche that your blog has. The other thing we learn is we have two types of backlinks do-follow and no-follow, Do-follow backlinks are better than no-follow backlinks.

I hope you like my article and learn the important points about backlinks.

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