MS Office And Its Features [Latest]

MS Office And Its Features

What is MS Office?

MS Office is an office suite of interrelated desktop applications, servers, and services for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. MS Office is application software that was published and developed by Microsoft in the year 1990. It is widely used in business and educational sectors through which we can create, view, and edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and data entry on the database.

Applications OF MS Office:

It includes:

  1. Word.
  2. Excel.
  3. Powerpoint.
  4. Access.
  5. Onenote.
  6. Outlook.
  7. Publisher.

MS Word:

Microsoft word is a full-featured Word processing software. It is also called Documentation software. It is used to create documents, letters, resumes, etc. Word processor software is capable of creating, sorting, and printing documents like letters and reports. It helps you to create documents, format them, correct your mistakes, save, review and print them.


  1. Cut, copy and paste the text.
  2. Insert or delete text.
  3. Set page size and margins.
  4. Search and replace.
  5. Wrong wrap.
  6. Print.

MS Excel:

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software. It is also a kind of database software. It can be used for storing data, calculation, graphic tools, pivot tables, data filtration, and validation.


  1. It includes different calculations.
  2. Many graphic tools, pivot tables, and VBA.
  3. It has been very widely applied spreadsheets.
  4. It replaces lotus 123 as the industry standard for spreadsheets.
  5. MS Excel forms a part of the MS Office suite.
  6. It uses a grid of cells which includes numbered rows and letter-named columns.
  7. MS Excel comes with functions to answer statical engineering and financial needs.
  8. MS Excel can display data as line graphs, histograms, and charts.
  9. It allows the sectioning of data to view its dependencies on various factors for different perspectives.
  10. It comes with visual basics for application.
  11. Helps to solve differential equations of mathematical physics.
  12. MS Excel has a variety of interactive features allowing user interfaces.
  13. It also can easily perform complex operations.

MS Powerpoint:

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide presentation software. It also is a kind of small animation software. It uses for presenting any text, picture, or slides with audio or video in animation. Further, It is a commercial presentation application written and distributed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X. This allows the creation of a presentation that includes, animation, narration, and images. It consists of no. of individual pages called slides may contain text, pictures, videos, graphics, sound, movies, and other objects.


  1. Adding music that plays throughout the entire presentation or sound effect for a particular slide.
  2. the presentation can be designed to run like a movie.
  3. It allows users to record a slideshow with narration and a laser pointer.
  4. It also offers the ability to broadcast the presentation to specific users via link and windows live.

MS Access:

MS Access is a database management software. It has advanced features than MS Excel. It can be used for storing, creating, manipulating, updating data, and manipulating reports, forms. Also, It is an example of a relational database management system.


  1. Easy and quick database creation.
  2. Quick table creation.
  3. Supports in creating a relation between tables.
  4. Support structures query language.
  5. Provide easy and well-structured IDE.
  6. Options of using queries, forms, and reports in a very easy way.

MS Onenote:

MS Onenote is a free-form note-taking software. It can be used to note down any important information and maintain it. Get coordinated in notebooks you can separate into segments and pages. With a simple route and search, you’ll generally discover your notes right where you left them. Reconsider your notes with type, featuring, or ink explanations. With OneNote across the entirety of your gadgets, you’ll never miss a blaze of motivation. Extraordinary personalities don’t generally think the same, however, they can share thoughts and make them together in OneNote. Instructors can utilize OneNote to arrange exercise plans in the accessible computerized scratchpad, and staff can make a sharable substance library. Urge understudies to handwrite notes and sketch charts.


  1. Sort content across scratchpad, areas, and pages.
  2. Feature can’t-miss notes with Important and To-Do labels.
  3. Draw your considerations and explain your notes, utilizing a pointer or your finger.
  4. Draw your contemplations and comment on your notes, utilizing a pointer or your finger.
  5. Utilize the OneNote Web Clipper to save content with a solitary snap.
  6. Offer scratchpads with collaborators, companions, and family.

MS Outlook:

MS Outlook is an email software. It is use to send, receive emails, and maintain multiple email accounts. Send, get, and deal with your email. Utilize Outlook’s implicit schedule to monitor arrangements and occasions. Working together is simple with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You can talk continuously with Skype—directly from your Outlook account. We’ve planned Outlook to be everybody’s most open inbox, with an instinctive, voice-controlled route, support for numerous assistive gadgets, and then some.


  1. We help you assume responsibility with simple to utilize devices and clear decisions.
  2. We’re straightforward about information assortment and use so you can settle on educated choices.
  3. We don’t utilize your email, schedule, or other individual substance to target advertisements to you.
  4. At the point when we gather information, we use it to profit you and improve your experience.
  5. Insurance is conveyed by similar apparatuses Microsoft utilizes for business clients.
  6. Information encryption in your post box and after email is sent.
  7. Programmed deactivation of hazardous connections containing phishing tricks, infections, or malware.
  8. Ransomware identification and recuperation for your significant documents in OneDrive.

MS Publisher:

MS Publisher is an entry-level desktop publishing software. It is mainly use for page layout and design rather than text formatting.

Versions Of MS Office:

  1. MS Office 95
  2. MS Office 97
  3. Microsoft Office 2000
  4. MS Office XP
  5. MS Office 2003
  6. Microsoft Office 2007
  7. MS Office 2010
  8. MS Office 2013
  9. Microsoft Office 2016
  10. MS Office 2019

MS Office Skills:

  1. Creating spreadsheets.
  2. Creating tables.
  3. Validating data.
  4. Creating documents.
  5. Creating pivot tables.
  6. Managing tables of content.
  7. Running and creating macros.
  8. Preparing documents for print.
  9. Data analysis.
  10. Proofreading and editing copy.
  11. Data visualization.
  12. Creating slideshows.

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