Devices for online classes

Devices for online classes

There are multiple devices for online classes like mobile phones, desktops, laptops, iPad, tablets. For online classes, the other most important thing is a convenient internet connection. Whether you have a smartphone laptop, and desktop for your children’s, online classes. The Covid-19 has affected education and institution worldwide. Leading to the closure of schools, colleges, and universities. Most governments around the world temporarily closed educational institutes in an attempt spreading of COVID-19 and due to this pandemic, billions of learners are affected. For this purpose government starts online classes as the new normal for education. There are multiple video conferencing apps such as zoom and google meet. For that, you need a smartphone, tablet, iPad, laptop desktop, etc.

You may search for the best smartphone or the best tablet for online schooling. But consider that we need to accomplish one thing here that is to provide a learning environment even when they are at home.

There are multiple video conferencing apps such as

  1. Zoom
  2. Skype
  3. Google Meet
  4. Slack
  5. WhatsApp video call
  6. GoToMeeting
  7. Blackboard Collaborate
  8. And many more.

Convenient Internet Connection For online classes

Internet connection is the most important thing for online classes. If children don’t have a proper or good internet connection your children are unable to attend lectures. Apart from this, this is a huge problem faced by school-going children. All children don’t have proper devices or internet facilities at theirs. Poor people can’t afford multiple devices for online education. So in some previous months, children’s face a lot of problems and unable to attend classes by which there is loss of education.

Maintain Good Environment:

Online classes can be very effective, as long as the teacher knows the strategies that can make a difference.
First, the teacher must plan for adequate regular personal interactions. Inadequate attendance in class may cause you to lose empathy with your students. Tracking progress becomes more difficult in such cases. Being visible and present helps engage students in a meaningful way. If this is not possible, the connection should continue using various means. Secondly, teachers should not miss the preparations. Planning along with anticipating potential student questions can make you efficient and confident during class. Third, be prepared to reach out to students who refrain from interacting much during discussions. Fourth, the habit of developing a strong following with students can also be beneficial, especially for those who are prone to procrastination.

Additionally, setting clear expectations and well-explained instructions helps eliminate the possibility of ambiguity. Another important aspect is to consider the different time zones of online students. Additionally, teachers who teach online classes must be open to changes in deadlines in exceptional cases. This strategy also helps students succeed. Once the teacher knows the students, it is not difficult to take names that may take longer for reasons better known to teachers. Fulfilling the promise of the adaptability of online platforms, this advantage should be offered to students.

Since online classes differ from a traditional setting, it is recommended that you ask students to lead discussions. In this way, students engage in intense inquiry and become more responsible for learning. Also, while teaching an online class, the teacher must be able enough to deal with technical failures that can hamper students’ learning. A certified online teacher also manages the course content well organized. It ensures that it is challenging enough for the students. Positive reinforcement techniques are also useful in improving online classes. Recognizing commendable performance or behavior helps motivate students and helps modify their behavior. Sometimes the use of examples helps to connect concepts and support deeper understanding. Most importantly, the online teacher should make the online lessons enjoyable for the students.

While teaching online on the blackboard or virtual class, it is difficult to draw or write something with the help of the mouse. Alternatively, we can use digital pens and tablets to draw or write something on the whiteboard. The digital pen and tablet allow for smooth, neat, and clean writing. There are many brands on the market for tablets and digital styluses, but we must consider which platform we are using and whether it is compatible with our whiteboard or not.

You can try the following:

  1. Wacom
  2. Huyun
  3. bamboo
  4. HP


In conclusion, online classes are very important and useful nowadays for students. Students can use multiple devices and secure internet connections for their sessions. They can also use devices like laptops, smartphones, desktops, tablets, iPad etc. Moreover, multiple Video conferencing apps are used for this purpose like zoom, google meet, skype, etc.

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